Our party packages are perfect for children's birthday parties, private parties, and corporate events.

Cookie Baking

The original baking party! A true classic for everyone of all ages and skill levels. Our specially-created cookie dough recipe is developed with children in mind to be easy to use while tasting terrific. It is also dairy and nut free. We use fresh, premium, and Certified Kosher ingredients. This is truly a hands-on experience, as our guests will roll up their sleeves to knead, roll, and cut a bountiful amount of our special cookie dough into an entire tray of freshly baked cookies to decorate and take home.


Cupcakes and More

The cupcake craze is alive and well and with our Cupcakes and More package, we show our guests how to make scrumptious cupcakes from scratch. Learn the secrets of preparing delicious cupcakes while exciting your tastebuds with homemade fudge, frostings, and decorations to top your homemade creations.


Pizza Making

Get ready to make your very own Neapolitan pizza, complete with homemade sauce, spices, fresh mozzarella cheese, and more. Create your own perfect pizza with selected fresh toppings, and even satisfy your sweet tooth with a special 10” cookie pizza, colorfully decorated with delicious confectionary toppings.



Who can resist these edible pillows of scrumptious creativity? The doughnut is the perfect blank canvas for a creative- and hungry!- mind. We’ve developed a delicious recipe for guests to follow so they can create a plentiful assortment of freshly made doughnuts from scratch. Followed by mouthwatering glazes to top the doughnuts with, this party is a truly irresistible one. 


Chocolate or Cookie Candy Cottage

This party is a must for chocolate and candy lovers alike. The handmade cottages is freshly made and assembled for each guest who is given an eye-popping array of confectionary delights to create their own unique and delicious masterpieces with. Plenty of detail work and creativity goes into these deliciously decorated structures.


Theme Party

We now offer our very special and exciting custom theme cakes and theme packages, which include LOL, Unicorn, Shopkins, My Little Pony, Ninja Turtles, Tinkerbell, Batman, Princesses, Superheroes, and so many more!


Cake Decorating

A terrific experience for inspired cake decorators, our guests will use tools and techniques of true professionals: cake wheels, spatulas, pastry bags, and much more. Ask about our kid-friendly themes that your guests will love!

Theme Party Packages

Combining the best of both worlds, our princess party, as may of our theme parties may be customized to have all your favorite elements.

Them paper ware ...dishes, cups, napkins, assorted colored balloons and more.




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